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Forest Girl, Space Boy, Baby Evio

~ June 21, 2022~ ~ . ~ ~ June 21, 2022~ ~ ~ Forest Girl, Space Boy & Baby EvioCandace Ross is a self-taught, BIPOC freelance photographer and a thought-provoking painter. While Studying Clothing and Textiles at the U of M, she took a basic design course and realized that she wanted to explore other areas of art and design, in all its forms. With over 20 years of independent filmmaking experience in a wide range of skills from set painting, camera production to costuming, she has recently devoted herself to the creation of paintings that traverse intimate space and esoteric dreamscapes. Exhibition Statement:  ~~My works are about finding a connection or place in the universe where you find yourself at complete peace. Growing up in rural Manitoba, and living in an urban environment I found that I missed that peacefulness of being surrounded by nature. Finding solace in painting, I create imaginary forests and environments that focus on that feeling. The enveloping connection of being in a verdant forest or gardens was and is still something I seek, through the use of Acrylic paints, collage, pens, and photo transfers.Meet the Artist times: Saturday, June 11 & June 18, 1pm to 5pm.~ ~ ~ ~ Back~ ~ ~ ~ . Event Details. Location: 125 Adelaide Street, Winnipeg