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Diary of Events and Happenings in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Agassiz Chamber Music Festival

June 9, 2018 to June 15, 2018. Agassiz Chamber Music Festival features renowned musicians every June, from across Canada, the US and overseas. Est. 2000.The Agassiz Chamber Music Festival was founded by cellist Paul Marleyn, the Festival's Artistic Director, in collaboration with the University of Manitoba School of Music (now The Desautel Faculty of Music) in June 1999. The Festival is named after Lake Agassiz, the ancient and vast lake that covered large parts of Manitoba as well as parts of Alberta, Wisconsin, North Dakota, Saskatchewan and Ontario.Paul Marleyn's vision for the Festival is to provide concerts of an international level in what was once part of Lake Agassiz - in the very centre of the Canada, i.e., Winnipeg, Manitoba. The Festival considers it a great privilege to invite internationally acclaimed artists to perform and share their artistry and passion with Manitoba artists and audiences. The Festival has built a stellar reputation for chamber music initiatives in Manitoba. In 2004 the Festival collaborated with the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra and the Lake Winnipeg Foundation in the premier performance of Andrew Balfour's "The Voice of the Lake" and in 2010 the Festival organized a SOCAN sponsored Composer Residency with Steven Gellman.. Event Details. Location: 515 Portage Ave, Winnipeg