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I Mother Earth & Finger Eleven

April 23, 2018. Two of Canada's most successful and meaningful hard rock bands, I Mother Earth and Finger Eleven are teaming up for a cross Canada Tour in 2018The idea came together from a simple comment that I Mother Earth Drummer Christian Tanna made on the Finger Eleven FB Page.  Finger 11 had just played a make-up show in their hometown of Burlington which almost got rained out again.  Christian posted. "Glad you got that show in fellas!, What say we all move this indoors now!?! See ya soon!"  This sparked comments and messages from fans that led to a video call from F11's James Black to Jag Tanna of the Mothers to "hook it up" and "melt some faces". Check the video here: Mother Earth is currently in the studio working on new music after reuniting with their original singer Edwin last year. Christian Jag and Edwin got back together in 2016 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their Multi platinum release "Scenery and Fish". Coincidently Finger Eleven is in the same position, and find themselves making some new music with their original producer Arnold Lanni. The two band toured together across the country in their early days and have been friends ever since and this tour will have a really special feel. When you consider the number of combined hits from each band and combine it with their amazing live shows, this is a Cross Country run that will be full of heavy, melodic goodness.I MOTHER EARTH: - http://imotherearth.caFINGER ELEVEN: - Event Details. Location: 1425 Regent Ave. W., Winnipeg, MB R2C 3B2, Winnipeg