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The Watchmen – Celebrating Their 30th Anniversary with Guests The Northern Pikes

March 3, 2018 to April 28, 2018. THE WATCHMEN was formed in 1988 in Winnipeg, Manitoba by vocalist Daniel Greaves, guitarist Joey Serlin, bassist Pete Loewen and Greaves' first cousin, drummer Sammy Kohn. Serlin was a comic fan and named the group after the DC comic.In 1992 McLaren Furnace Room was released, with the single "Cracked" garnering the band significant airplay on rock stations, but was quickly eclipsed by the anti-spousal abuse anthem "Run and Hide", which became the band's breakthrough hit.The band's second album, In The Trees, was released in 1994, with the hit singles "Boneyard Tree", "All Uncovered" and "Lusitana". The album was certified Platinum in Canada after selling over 100,000 copies.Their 1996 album Brand New Day included singles "Zoom", "Incarnate" and "Shut Up". The band launched an extensive tour of Canada and Europe which lasted into 1997. The album provided the band with their second Juno nomination as they were nominated for North Star Rock Album of the Year at the 1997 Juno Awards.1998's Silent Radar was the band's return to commercial success, with the hit singles "Stereo", "Any Day Now", "Brighter Hell" and "Say Something".In the fall of 2008, the "classic" lineup of Greaves, Serlin, Kohn and Tizzard announced a small reunion tour. Kohn convinced the other members to take part in the reunion tour after showing them a myspace page where fans still talked about their favourite songs, and performances. The Watchmen played in Ottawa leading up to two sold out shows at The Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto. The following month they played a short 45 minute set as part of Powerball in Winnipeg and a show in Calgary.In the past 5 years the band have had their history documented in both a DVD and in a book. Winnipeg filmmaker Reil Munro released his DVD documentary "All Uncovered – The Watchmen" in 2010 which quickly sold out over 4 shows in Toronto and Winnipeg. In 2014, debut author Vanessa Azzoli released "Uncovered: The Story of The Watchmen" which co-aligned with the 20th anniversary of In The Trees.The band is active with their fans through social media, sharing rare photos and even a full-length live show download from a performance in Australia. With all the excitement that still surrounds them, The Watchmen continue to sell out shows across Canada year after year.. Event Details. Location: 1425 Regent Ave W, Winnipeg, MB R2C 3B2, Winnipeg