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Putting The Wild Back In The West

Putting the WILD Back in the West: Buffalo Boy and Belle Sauvage 2006-2010 One day the wind signaled a fate beyond all comprehension. Buffalo Boy had been thrown into the gut of the consumer world where he became an attraction, another other for all to see. Buffalo Boy knew that he had to break free and come out of the shadows of fringe and feathers. He began his mantra, “If I could turn back time and beat the crap out of Custer again and again, I would.” As he clicked his heels and repeated “If I could turn back time, if I could turn back time…” a rainbow appeared and there stood Belle Sauvage. The powers of the universe brought them together and they knew instantly that they would put the WILD back into the west. This performance and installation will be the culmination of four years of performance installations by Lori Blondeau and Adrian Stimson and the very last presentation of this series. DJ Co-op will provide a blend of country and dance music throughout the evening. Through their wild-western alter-egos, Buffalo Boy and Belle Sauvage, Blondeau and Stimson adapt stereotypical themes from a now distant era of vaudeville, saloons and gun ghts, setting the stage for a contemporary rewriting of history, encouraging the audience to participate in creating a photographic record of an alternative aboriginal account. A diorama is presented, for people to photograph themselves in colonial costuming, as well as a wall of photos of previous Belle and Buffalo Boy enactments. The public is invited to bring their own cameras to photograph themselves and friends in the costumes provided, or to wear their own costumes to the opening reception on November 6. Event Dates November 6, 2010 November 10 - December 19, 2010 Sun, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat Address Organization: Plug InInstitute of Contemporary Art ICA Plug In Institute, Unit 1 - 460 Portage Avenue Hours Opening reception:Saturday, November 6 @ 7pmExhibition Hours beginning November 10 :Wednesday to Saturday: 12noon to 9pmSunday: 12noon to 6pm Accessibility Yes Contact Information Phone: 204.942.4043 URL: Ticket Information Free admission Back. Event Details. Location: 1 - 460 Portage Avenue
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